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Dec 6, 2012 12:00am PST
they can continue to provide an education to these entitled, stupid, brats. anyway, you know who still hasn't been told about climate change? >> it is better he doesn't know. mr. bolton, uh par tied and fossil fuels, they are the same thing, right? >> yes. if they want to disinvest their endowment let them pay higher tuition or let their parents pay higher tuition. why stop there? if you don't like oil and gas companies why not the companies. divest from them too. and let's get to the center of the controversy. it is not just carbon-based fuels these people object to. they are carbon-based life forms. let's get to that next. >> and the life forms they disagree with are the ones they want to divest from. how will they go on spring break? when they are stoned out of their minds how are they going to get the pizza guy to get on his mow ped and come over and deliver the pizza without the use of fossil fuels. i never understand why they call them foss till fuels. i didn't know there were a lot of dead things underground, sandra, but then again i never went to school. you are a business person. g
FOX News
Dec 1, 2012 12:00am PST
. >> it is local control. >> thinking outside the box. don't we tell educator these have to be creative? >> this was creative, and the fact they had a choice is important. >> and they chose to hold hands. anthony, what do you think? they should have held hands -- if you look, they have their heads down. they are acting shameful and everybody is laughing. but why didn't they hold their hands up in a triumphant fist pump like in the olympics? >> you are right. >> own it. own that feeling. >> when i was in high school, i got caught smoking once. the gym teacher punched me like i slept with his wife. i mean, like a man he punched me. that was punishment back in what i call "the day." >> the way it should be. >> in high school i had a smoking area where kids could go out and smoke. joy what kind of hippie school did you go to? >> in massachusetts we had a smoking area. you weren't allowed? >> there was probably a drinking area too. >> it was only for cigarettes, but it was definitely where what they called the darrell lict -- derrilict kids would go. in grammar school we had a bench and if y
FOX News
Dec 4, 2012 12:00am PST
will be murdered boy them. >> i think we should dedicate a segment to educate your cell, your guest -- >> i watched all of the l.a. laws back then. the. >> need -- the need for both sides -- you tell me your job was like night court and i will wok away right now. >> you have a wacky bailiff. >> do you think this will lead to other problems like addiction to heroin? >> i was with my friends and there were four or five and i looked around and everybody is on their phone going -- i was like, guys put down the f-ing phones. people are so beds that people are icky. you would think with all of the technology kids these days -- i just said kids these days and i mean it. kids these days, i think they are dumber. they probably couldn't tell you where libya is on a map. they certainly don't know what the fiscal -- >> let me step in here. >> bill, as a parent do you embrace your cell phone addiction for your children. >> have you ever tried to talk into these creatures. when we were growing up we had to talk to each other.ld say ohd of finding a way to shorten it. it was a waste of time with zity, zity people
FOX News
Dec 5, 2012 12:00am PST
think he is right -- educated, smart gorgeous people like me don't have kids because -- it is not because i am selfish, but i am terrified. i no i the moment i bring the kid to the house i am gone. i will leave it on the couch and then won't know won't know turn it on off and then on. >> and now there is a bus with your picture on. it -- leave the kid with somebody else. broken homes are the best places for kids. when people leave them for a long period of time -- >> they get creative. >> the president of the united states came from a broken home. no, he came from kenya. >> a broken country. >> i am glad we solved some problems here. jeer doosmed though. >> totally. there are countries whose populations are growing and we are not. if we don't do this, we are over. >> pediatricians and obstetricians #r* -- >> i am waiting for every state to look like i am legend. hopefully i can see it. >> from babies to bias, was it a sign of sexism or just road work. the construction crew on the grounds of ohio sinclair continue college, yes that sinclair community college was forced
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)